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About our law firm

StHM is dedicated to taxation as a priority, as well as to business law and real estate (town planning, property rights litigation).

Our expertise is strongly articulated on the Council (in personal and corporate taxation) and the relations with the administration, as well from a gracious point of view as litigation.

The expertise brought in is based on extensive experience from senior government bodies (Bercy, Court of Auditors, Taxation of the aviation sector).

As experts with great knowledge of the workings of the administration, our action is focused on supporting and helping people in difficulty facing administrative cogs or wealthy people wishing to fortify and optimize their heritage.

We have a strong comparative advantage compared to other tax lawyers less seasoned by the "informal" of the administrative services despite their technical qualities.

At StHM, we clearly rely on quality and services with high added value in terms of expertise.

Finally, we also offer banking investments in Luxembourg via a business network with a tailor-made and precision work just as if law was "haute couture". 

Me Stephane Hugues Mathieu personnaly worked internationally with a Russian axis and the South-East.

Services offered: not exhaustive

Conference Room
  • Personal and corporate taxation

  • Tax advice (VAT, transfer receipt, declaration etc.)

  • IS

  • Rescript

  • Carry Back office

  • Associations

  • Aeronautical taxes)

  • Tax litigation

  • Exchanges with the administration

  • Litigation before jurisdiction

  • Market value of a property

  • Special tax advice (ISF, real estate)

  • Advice to Public Persons

  • Financial investment in Luxembourg

  • Advice to administrations and local communities

  • Public and private real estate

  • Real estate

  • Town planning

  • Public private partnership

  • Construction litigation: poor workmanship, etc.

  • Business Law : Help writing statutes, formalities, Sale of business

  • ...

Prices :

€ 300 per hour

Fixed price (on estimate)

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